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1948 International Harvester
Farmall Cub Tractor


Once of the most desirable and collectable tractors ever built. I really donít know how I became a ďtractor guyĒ. I grew up in Nebraska but, I never lived on a farm. Itís just that for some unknown reason, Iíve always liked them.

Vintage tractors are becoming more and more collectable. They elicit a lot of fond memories in people just like cars do but, at a small fraction of the cost. Tractor shows are generally very well attended and when you see a nice old tractor at a car show, itíll get just as much (if not more) attention then the far more expensive vintage car parked next to it.

The Farmall cub was a wonderful little tractor. Big enough to easily handle a very small farm or a very large garden, mow a large lawn or plow a driveway. Equipped with various attachments, the list of what jobs they could do was amazing.

My little tractor seems to have had a pretty easy life. I donít know where it came from originally but I was told it spent a great deal of its life in Arizona. Iíve had this neat little tractor for five years now. I had a nice old Ford 8N before this one and liked it too. I really prefer the Farmall. I think itís a combination of the size and the great vintage looks that the Cub has. Iíve used it to occasionally pull an old car around my property or to do some light yard work here. Itís always started up almost instantly and done a great job for me.

Recently, Iíve done a great deal of work on it. A thorough tune-up and carburetor rebuild were included as well as new wiring. We stripped it down and did a complete repaint in the exact shade of International Harvester red paint. The paint alone was over three hundred dollars a gallon not including, sealers, primers, reducers and hardeners, etc. I put new tires on it all the way around as well as a new steering wheel, radiator screen, seat cover, decals, etc., etc. Oh, I almost forgot, I located some very rare original cub headlights that are almost non-existent. 

This is a very early Farmall which I believe from the serial number was built 1948 which was the second year of production. 

Regarding the value on these, the prices are all over the place. Just like you, Iíve seen rough ones in the eighteen hundred dollar range on Ebay. The problem is that they need eight to ten thousand dollars worth of work to look like or run like this one. 

Or if you prefer, you could buy mine for $7,500 and save a lot of time and money with instant gratification. 

Call Larry at 480-483-2555

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