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Many experts are of the opinion that the '65 GS is one of the premier muscle cars of all time. Back in '65 when the car was introduced a number of experts had great things to say about Buicks entry into the muscle car field. They commented on the great combination of an amazingly responsive engine with blistering torque and acceleration wrapped into a chassis that delivers a smooth ride and competent handling. Remember the whole muscle car concept was still in its infancy in '65 so cars like this one were a "big deal" and something fresh and new in the market place.

Personally, I've always liked these cars. I guess it's because these aren't just simply a big engine in a stripped down car as so many muscle cars were. The Gran Sport offered a unique combination of performance AND luxury that was seldom seen in the niche muscle car market place. Beyond that I like them because they're something different. If you go to a large muscle car show with a significant concentration of cars you might see twenty Chevelle's and GTO's for every one of these you'll see.

I purchased this beautiful car in 2005. I was told that I was only the third owner since new. The first owners were die hard Buick fans and that's all they ever bought. They needed a new second car for the school teacher wife. Actually, I was told they really wanted a regular Skylark with a small engine but they needed a car that very day and this was the only mid-size the dealer had in stock at the moment. They definitely weren't in the market for a muscle car when they purchased it. After a year or so they finally came to the conclusion that a performance car like this was far more automobile then they needed for the wife's everyday driver. So, another car, something more practical and economical was purchased as her daily transportation. However, they liked this car a lot. So much so that they decided to stretch their budget and keep it as a strictly fair weather, go out to dinner / Sunday driver. That decision is what has allowed this one to become the beautiful survivor that you see today.

Gran Sports are DEFINITELY NOT just an emblem trim package on a Skylark. Unlike the Skylarks these cars have fully boxed frames (like the convertibles) and with much heavier cross members and sway bars. They have a much beefier rear end with special gears and bearings that are different from the Skylarks. The coil springs are heavier and the front brakes are bigger. The engine mounts are larger and the exhaust is larger too. Of course there are the engine differences which are in a word HUGE by comparison to a Skylark.

The specs are as follows:

  • 401 CID
  • 10:25:1 Compression ratio
  • 325 Horsepower
  • 445 Torque

With specs like these when new, these cars could scoot from a standing start to sixty miles per hour in 7.8 seconds which is pretty impressive for a 3,200 pound car. Also, Hot Rod Magazine ran a test on a GS WITH an automatic transmission (as this car has) in the NHRA's B / Stock class and achieved a 13.42 /105mph result. Even with these impressive numbers the fuel economy wasn't too bad either @ approx. 12.3 mpg but I guess that wasn't quite enough for the first owner.  

The Gran Sport was not actually introduced until January 1965, so that made it a mid-year production car. As such, it never had a unique serial number designation. There are definitely ways to tell the difference between a Skylark and a Gran Sport. These cars are so popular that there is a web site dedicated specifically to them called 65GS.com. If you go there, you will learn the ways to tell the difference between the Skylarks and the Gran Sports. It's definitely a GS that we've got hear.

This particular car has an impressive list of extra cost options that include the following:

  • Air conditioning.
  • Power windows.
  • Power steering and brakes.
  • Vinyl top. 
  • Tilt wheel.
  • Factory Buick tachometer built into the console.
  • Factory radio and clock. 
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Factory floor mats.
  • Factory seat belts.
  • Extremely rare emergency brake warning light.
  • Extremely rare passenger side Buick script vanity mirror.
  • Extremely rare accessory trunk light on a cord reel. 

This particular car originally came with the 14" wire wheel spinner hub caps on steel wheels. The second owner preferred and purchased the 15" Buick sport wheels with red line tires that you see here. Fortunately, he saved the original parts and gave them to me when I purchased the car. The original wheels and caps are included with this sale.  By the way, the second owner told me that he showed the car at Hershey one year and took a second place in the original, unrestored class. He said that had it not been for the fact that the judges had to deduct for the 15" wheel size versus the original 14" size he'd have taken the first in class award. To tell you the truth, I prefer the look of the larger size Buick chrome sport road wheels too. I think  they fill-up the wheel wells much better but sometimes they do rub in a tight turn.

The previous owner said he thought that most of the original paint was still on the car. Personally, I don't think so. There may be some original paint on it but I'd prefer to call it a very high quality older repaint. The vinyl top is totally original and I believe this gorgeous interior is original as well. That is, except for the interior carpet which is so nice I'm thinking it must have been replaced. The trunk mat is original and I think the spare tire is too. The car has had a very good quality engine and chassis detail in the proper colors.

One last thing I forgot to mention... The car is well documented with the original owner's manual and protect-o-plate. It even comes with the factory broadcast sheet which is almost impossible to find. I've got some very interesting original sales literature for it as well which is also included. 

All in all, this car is an exceptionally nice, mostly original survivor car that is a unique opportunity for any muscle car enthusiast.

Asking a very reasonable $39,500. Please call Larry Kay in Scottsdale, Az. @ 480-483-2555

Some excellent photos of the car are available on a friend's fabulous web site called www.deansgarage.com  If you're a true "car guy" you'll love this web site.  

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